The Adair County Detention Center is a county jail located in Northeast Missouri in the city of Kirksville, and is operated under the authority of the elected Adair County Sheriff and/or his/her designated Corrections Branch Director. This facility regularly houses state and local criminals and/or civil pre-trial and sentenced detainees/inmates. The responsibility of the Adair County Detention Center is to accept and keep safe and secure those accused of committing crimes for the due process of legal proceedings, as well as those ordered lawfully by a court of law to be confined or those sentenced by the court to serve their sentence in the county jail.

The Detention Center serves the community by housing inmates for Adair County, the City of Kirksville, Truman Department of Public Safety, as well as surrounding counties and agencies.



The facility consists of a secure central control room surrounded by an intake processing area, holding cells, four housing units, indoor exercise yard, three visitation rooms and a medical room. The facility also has a laundry room, and full-service kitchen.


The Adair County Sheriff’s Office maintains contracts to provide health care to any inmate housed in the detention center by having an on-site nurse, regular physician visits and pharmacy services. Health services are provided regardless of an inmate’s ability to pay or re-pay the cost. All inmate meals are prepared on-site in the facility’s full-service kitchen by contracted kitchen personnel. Laundry service is also done on-site by jail staff members.


The Presiding Judge of the Circuit Court, in partnership with the Sheriff of Adair County, has appointed six persons, three of whom are women, with not more than three having the same political affiliations, to constitute a Board of County Visitors.

Members of the Board serve for one year increments without compensation and enjoy the same immunity from lawsuits as judicial officers.

It is the duty of the Board, by personal visitation or otherwise, to keep themselves fully advised of the conditions and management of the Detention Center. They examine the Detention Center in regards to its effective and economical administration, to include the cleanliness, discipline and comfort of its inmates.

If the Board finds any conditions, which in their opinion shall be injurious to the county or to the inmates of the Detention Center, or which is contrary to good order and public policy, it shall be their duty to address a report to the Presiding Judge, Sheriff, and County Commission. The report shall set forth the facts observed and shall suggest such remedies as in their judgment may be necessary.

The Board prepares a full report of their proceedings during the year, with such recommendations as they may deem advisable, and file the same with the Presiding Judge of the Circuit Court, Sheriff, and County Commission.