Inmate Mail and Telephone


Inmates can receive and send mail on the post office’s normal business days.

Incoming mail should be addressed to the inmate at the Adair County Sheriff’s Office address of:

  • 215 N. Franklin St.,      Kirksville, MO 63501.

The full name of the person sending the mail and a full return address must be included on the envelope.

Please note that all mail sent to the Detention Center is screened for contraband.  If the mail item is found to be in violation of mail policies it will be denied and returned to sender.  If there is no return address on the envelope, the inmate to whom it was addressed will be notified of its denial and be afforded the opportunity to appeal the denial.  If you receive back a mail item that was denied by our facility you have the right to contact the jail administration and appeal the denial.  Please use good judgement when sending any letter or picture to an inmate. 

Effective April 1st, 2014 any mail received that contains stickers, stains, lipstick, smelling of cologne or perfume or adult/nude photos, offensive drawings or depictions will be returned to sender.


While the Detention Center does not accept incoming calls for inmates, inmates are able to make outgoing calls through our contractor, NCIC Inmate Phone Service. Inmates are provided a unique PIN number which allows them to make collect phone calls from their housing unit.

Please refer to the below brochure for instructions on how to establish a phone account and the associated costs.

NCIC Inmate Phone Service Brochure

Inmates may now purchase pre-paid minutes for themselves through the commissary program in addition to friends and family purchasing minutes on their behalves.

NCIC Inmate Phone Service Website