Crime Prevention

Many people believe that the first line of defense in our on-going “War on Crime” is our law enforcement agencies across this great nation of ours.  This belief is short-sighted.

The first line of defense is “We the People”.  There are a lot more of “us” than there are law enforcement officers.  And let’s face it, as a rule; law enforcement is not the target of criminals, We the People are the targets.

We are fortunate to live in this community where crime, and we do have crime, is not out of control as is seen in many of our large metropolitan areas across the country.  However, our crime rates can lead many of us to believe that “It won’t happen to me”.  That is when you can easily find yourself a victim of crime because you let down your guard and you do things here that you would never do in the “big city” like leaving your car unlocked in your driveway.

Our defense begins with We the People practicing good basic crime prevention techniques.  Please follow the links below to learn more about what We the People can do to protect ourselves, our families, and our community.

 Basic Crime Prevention Practices

Scam and Fraud Prevention Tips

General Helpful Information.